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Saturday, July 25, 2009 -  was a good day. Dad took Chloe on a ride in the Miata - this time, a real ride, on a real road, real safe in her car seat from the van.  It fit nicely in the bucket seat, and allowed her to see out the windshield and out her door window (which was rolled down).  I'll post a picture sometime. 

Dad drove her to Joshua and Abigail's old elementary school, that now has a nice public playground out in front of it.  Dad didn't take his camera, so no pictures. Sorry. 

After playing slide, climb, echo, castle and horse, we went to McDonald's for dinner, and Chloe played in that outdoor McPlayPlace with 7 other little kids her age.  She had so much fun going down the slide -and up it when everyone left.  She loved it when Dad layed down at the bottom of the slide, his head into the tunnell, and she slid down onto his head.  

Chloe fell right asleep at 6:30, when we got home from our 2 hour excursion.  It was the most fun Dad has had with Chloe in a long time.

BTW, this is not dad's actual car, but his looks just like it. Or does when it's wet. ;-)