Favorite Stories - Show Me a Memory
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07/28/2009 - Tuesday was a good day.  Mom woke up extra early and by 6:30 had a big breakfast ready for us: eggs, sausage, bagels, jellies, and coffee.

Near the end of breakfast, Chloe surprised us all by running back into the kitchen, from the living room she had disappeared to for a few minutes, yelling "I went in the potty!  Wanna see?  You wanna see?"

Of course, we all wanted to see.  This would be the first time she used the potty at all, never mind all by herself.  And it was.

Joshua and Abigail had fun at camp.  They visited the State Capitol Building.  Good outing for a rainy day.

Speaking of rain, dad and mom put a tarp over dad's Miata just as it started to sprinkle.  Dad has no energy to even think about how or where to get the door fixed.