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Sunday, July 26, 2009 - was a good day. But because dad's Miata's roof leaks when it rains, and because he backs into our slanted driveway to minimize the leaking, and because mom doesn't back into the driveway but drives straight in -so the cars were side by side facing opposite directions- and because dad didn't back up as far as he usually does -and so his car was lower in the driveway than mom's van- and because dad didn't take Chloe's car seat out of the Miata the night before, and because mom had to go to Wal-Mart and so dad was rushed to move Chloe's car seat from the Miata to the Van, and because after pulling out the car seat, putting it into the van, and putting Chloe into the van, and going on and on about how cool that car seat's safety features are, dad forgot he hadn't closed his miata door, and because the Miata was now hidden by the van as he waved his entire family off and headed back into the house -well, because of all those circumstances coming together, mom's van backed into dad's miata door that was.. -dad never even saw this when he opened it- was hanging out beyond and behind the van bumper.  

Fortunately mom stops quickly when she hears a crunch, and it wasn't torn completely off, just far enough to break the metal that keeps the door from opening that wide, and bend the door out and down a little so it just doesn't close at all right now -not by 8 inches.  Nor does it open but 12 inches, now that dad popped it back to some resemblance of closed.

But it was a good day because no one got run over.  And because we all horsed around in the kitchen that night, and played Blokus after Chloe went to bed.

BTW, this is not dad's actual car, but his looks just like it. Or does when it's wet, and the only from this side now. ;-)